The Forum 2 development begins its conceptualization since 2005 and the execution of the project as such begins in the summer of 2006. The total project will have an area of ​​200,000 m2, distributed among 18 office buildings, 2 parking platforms, in addition to outdoor parking areas, green areas and internal streets.

There are currently 9 buildings in operation and 1 fully enabled parking platform building. Forum 2 is a mixed office condominium with features such as: indoor parking, 3 independent accesses, emergency plants with a 24-hour backup for offices, air conditioning system, internal access controls for both offices and basements, among others.

The project is proposed in stages, according to the demand determined by the national market. And each of these stages is divided into 2 clearly defined processes, because on the one hand there is the construction of the buildings and parking basements and on the other hand there is the process of enabling the internal areas of each of the buildings according to the needs specific to the condominiums.

Some of the park’s current condominiums are for example: Oracle, Western Union, HP, Wal Mart, SUGEF, Bufete Pacheco Coto, and Navsat.


Client: Real Estate Group Genesis
Location: Lindora
Surface Area: 90,000 m2
Completed: 2012

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