The new Citi Service Center offices in the El Cafetal Office have LEED certification and handle an innovative architectural design concept. Work stations in open spaces are located on the perimeter of the building, so the closed office spaces are inward.

This allows employees to take advantage of natural lighting, and being open spaces, allow this lighting to reach the innermost work area. With the positioning of work stations in the open area, “neighborhoods” are formed, in which different work groups are created. These groups interrelate with each other through the “Town Centers”.

These spaces have a different design from the rest of the offices, silly of colors of walls, finishes and decoration. They also have kitchenette furniture, microwaves, amenities, photocopiers and printers, for a work space where there is more collaboration between users.The two office floors are used by almost 800 people and have an area of ​​6,697 m2 .


Client: Citi Business Services
Location: Remodelación Piso 1 y 3 Edificio A Centro Corporativo El Cafetal, La Rivera de Belén
Surface Area: 3140 m2
Completed: May 2015

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