This Citi office floor is complete for the Human Resources department, in addition to a cafeteria of almost 1000 m2. The office space is the first Citi Works in Latin America and is characterized by having open spaces where no collaborator owns its cubicle, there are no independent offices, but collaboration areas for teamwork, telephone booths and meeting rooms. The concept of architectural design is the same as that followed on floors 2 and 3, in addition to also having the LEED certification.

The cafeteria is a space that also functions as training rooms, so it has protective screens and an integrated projection system. The three rooms in which the cafeteria is converted can be used separately or together for a single event; The division of the different spaces is by means of folding acoustic partitions.


Client: Citi Business Services Costa Rica
Location: La Ribera de Belén
Surface Area: 6697 m2
Completed: 2014

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