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Letter from the President

Looking back to the year 1988 allows us to confirm that we have walked the correct path.

30 years ago, we founded Constructora Proycon S.A., with the main objective of joining the construction sector and becoming leaders in the private industry of our country.

With great pride, we arrive at the year 2018 as a solid, consolidated company, which has been and will continue to be selected by the main consulting firms and private clients in order to successfully carry out its different projects, led by high quality professionals, who have made of Constructora Proycon SA what it is today.

We have focused on the private sector of our country, and we have left a mark in the medical industry, business office parks, commercial sector, and residential of Costa Rica, assuming large-scale projects with national and international groups, which have entrusted the execution of your projects to our company.

The challenges have been constant and success has accompanied us throughout these 30 years.

We are proud to have worked for the main developers of Costa Rica and go hand in hand with them from the pre-construction stages and planning, commitment to quality, execution times and final delivery of their projects, where we see the dream reflected both of our commercial allies like ours.


Ing. Eduardo Uribe Chaverri | PRESIDENTE

We have grown rapidly, reinvesting our resources in better equipment, technology, human talent and occupational safety. This makes us different and keeps us as a company with great projection towards the future.

Constructora Proycon, upon reaching these 30 years, visualizes a future full of challenges, new projects, greater growth and business opportunities in different fields. We are a Costa Rican company that has managed to gain a privileged space in the construction sector and we will continue with the optimism and enthusiasm that has characterized us because we are made for more and better things.
Because of our values, rooted in our human talent, we have been different. Thanks for being part of our history.

Letter from the Vice President

Since its inception, 30 years ago, Constructora Proycon has focused especially, and with great success, on the interests of the private sector, by focusing on vertical residential projects, office business parks, commercial and mixed-use projects, industrial buildings, industry medical and implementation of finishes in offices of large national and multinational companies.

This niche market, which we have been focusing on all these years, has given us the opportunity to work for large multinational companies that have seen in Costa Rica a good opportunity in the realization of their projects, such as international service centers, medical industry , and industrial warehouses for the logistics and production sector. This has allowed us to have a significant curriculum that has become an important letter of introduction for the company. We have achieved strategic alliances with international construction companies, which has allowed us to generate even greater confidence in our clients in the construction of world class works.

Today, as we look to the future, we propose, as one of our main objectives, not only to expand to the areas in which we have been successful, but also to venture into projects in the hotel and hospital field, without neglecting the opportunities in infrastructure of our country.

Aware also that market situations are setting a clear trend, in which the public sector generates a lot of work for the construction sector, we have begun to participate in bids for public order projects, which in the short and medium term, we are sure It will bring greater benefits to our company.


Ing. Luis Roberto Sáenz | VICEPRESIDENTE

One of our most valuable assets is having consolidated different work teams with motivated and well-trained personnel according to the requirements of the moment. We are pleased to see that most of our engineering and field teams have worked for the company for many years.

Constructora Proycon will continue working, with mysticism and commitment, to benefit a construction committed to the best values of the Costa Rican society. We are ready for the future.

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